Psychotherapy and Counselling Brighton.

Personal Development


In addition to individual counselling sessions I also facilitate groups and workshops that provide a safe environment where we very gently and sensitively lift the lid on some of our doubts, fears and hidden truths.


These groups have a strong, practical and philosophical framework which draws on many different understandings and disciplines, particularly the Humanistic and Transpersonal fields and uses a mixture of approaches such as guided meditation, physical exercises for stress release and interactive group sharing.

Their purpose is to help people to let go of some of the barriers they may be carrying and to be more true to who they really are.

The groups offer a very real step in breaking out of the isolation of merely ‘surviving’ and ‘getting by’ into a much freer and more open and expansive state of support and interconectedness with others.


It is for those people who feel ready for a new phase of growth and expansion in their life.

Psychotherapy Brighton