Psychotherapy and Counselling Brighton.

What to expect

Embarking on a journey

In its most simple form a counselling session is a meeting for a meaningful and creative exchange between two people and one of the most important factors is the quality of openness and trust that is established.

The best thing would be to come without any preconceived notions or expectations but its natural that we all do. The actual experience of being in a counselling session can be surprising at times, as you are encouraged to move into unknown territory and dig deep into yourself.


This can bring a sense of aliveness, vitality and fun as you feel more and more free to risk being yourself and let go of preconceived notions and ideas about what you are supposed to be like.


The sessions can unfold in ways that are quite organic and spontaneous and there can be a sense of going on a journey together.

However, the ultimate aim is to help you help yourself.  Helping you to discover your patterns that keep you stuck or undermine your well-being creates self-awareness. The goal of psychotherapy is to remove blocks to one's potential, deepen self-awareness, and acquire tools to be able to deal confidently with future emotional challenges. Its purpose is to empower you with ways to deal with life issues, build resiliency, and find well-being.

Psychotheapy Brighton

Some people come for a few sessions when they want to focus on a specific issue, others will need or want an ongoing process. Sometimes people come initially because they need to work on something that has arisen in their life, possibly a crisis of some sort, and they continue coming because they find that they are benefiting and growing from the experience.


That said, psychotherapy or counselling is not meant to last forever - it is for making sense of your life and the changes you want to make in how you are living it. Sometimes people come for ‘one-off’ single sessions and then maybe return from time to time without a fixed ongoing schedule of sessions. Really there is no right way of approaching it and this is something we can discuss so that we find a format that suits your particular needs.