Counselling & Coaching Online

With Zoom

Available wherever you are in the world

Online Counselling/Coaching is an effective and powerful way of you taking a step forward in your life, resolving some of the areas that may feel ‘stuck’ or holding you back from being happy.

Totally flexible to fit with your schedule. You can book on an ad hoc basis whenever you feel the need or book sessions in advance so that you know that support is there for you.

You don’t have to be in crisis, just ready and willing to make some changes. Counselling is an opportunity to look beneath the surface at some of the deeper feelings and inner motivations that you may need to shine a light on.


We will very quickly create a sense of safety and trust to enable us to go on that journey together.

The most obvious benefit of this way of working is the convenience of being able to have a session from wherever you are in the world, without the need for travel. Some people actually prefer the on-line experience and feel that they can open up more. A recent study at the University of Zurich suggests that online counselling is actually more effective than face-face sessions, particularly in the treatment of depression.