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Family Constellations is a powerful and immediate way to get to the heart of the matter helping you to experience and resolve whatever obstacles you may be facing. It can be described as a form of 'soul work' and it is an effective tool for finding resolutions to deeply held issues. Family Constellations can have a profound impact on our lives, touching the deepest parts of our being. It opens us up to the 'unseen field' of interconnections and ancestral influences, yet it is always grounded in the clients felt experience within their body.

This method was first developed by Bert Hellinger when he observed that unconscious deep bonds of love and loyalty to our family system are sometimes expressed in symptoms and limiting behaviours. He understood that the flow of life and health in a system and an individual are supported by the ‘Orders Of Love’, a set of principles that maintain the balance of the system.


In this work we explore the hidden stories that we carry with us and attend to the miss-alignments that are affecting us in how we live our lives.


In the session we may use coloured pieces of paper to represent family members, both past and present, in order to explore, recognise and acknowledge a family's past history and current dynamics. In this way understanding, acceptance and resolution of personal issues may be achieved.


• Bring fresh insight to address, clarify and resolve issues that feel stuck.
• Reveal hidden cross-generational patterns and dynamics that are affecting our lives.
• Understand the bigger picture of our family history. 
• Discover healing movements.
• Develop our ability to acknowledge and accept “what is”.
• Grow our self-compassion.
• Support us in growing from the blind love of a child to the mature love of a conscious human being.

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