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Confidentiality is extremely important in any therapeutic experience. It is essential that you know that during the therapeutic experience you can feel free to speak of anything and know that it will be kept confidential, especially information of a sensitive nature.

I follow the code of ethics regarding this as stated by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. You may wish to read their ethical framework.  


I do discuss my clients with my supervisor, but I do not reveal the full names of people or identify them in any way. The fact that you are coming to have counselling may not be something you want people in your life to know about, especially perhaps at your work and part of our agreement together would be that I would not disclose this information to anyone.

However, there are certain exceptions which are to do with the legal obligation that a therapist can be in in exceptional circumstances such as disclosure about a crime being committed or about to be committed. Other circumstances would be when there is an ethical concern such as the likelihood of causing physical harm to yourself or others.


However, the spirit of confidentiality and respect for you as the client is always held as extremely important and seen as the anchor for the therapeutic relationship and the therapy sessions themselves to be effective

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