Psychotherapy and

Counselling Brighton.

About this service

It is often when we put less focus on outward events and look inside ourselves that things start to shift and move for us.

The most important thing aspect of counselling and psychotherapy is establishing a strong sense of safety & trust so that you feel able to go to the heart of the issues and concerns that are important to you.

You can come for any amount of time. I particularly specialise in short-term counselling where people come for a series of sessions focusing on a particular issue. They may then come back for further sessions, sometimes on an ad hoc basis, reconnecting with myself and the work as it suits them.

My overall approach is Transpersonal and I work in a way which is pragmatic and integrative, utilising whatever is needed to best suits your needs. Transpersonal simply means that there is an awareness of the spiritual dimension of being human and our potential to connect with deeper levels of our being, beyond the confines of being identified with our separate, individualistic self with all of its survival concerns.

I will encourage you to open more deeply to your own inner knowing; so that you can start to find greater clarity, healing & a path forward. 


The sessions tend to unfold in a natural and organic way without the need for rigid structure, often in ways that are revealing and surprising. Sometimes this will involve me simply listening and encouraging you to go deeper, to bring more of yourself out. At other times I may offer feedback or offer a practical way of exploring things further, often encouraging you to connect with your bodies awareness of the feelings that may be there.

The starting point can be to come and have an initial 30 minute consultation. This first session is free & is an opportunity to try it out and to see if it feels right for you.  You can send me an email to arrange this.


Psychotherapy Brighton; image of a pink flower
There is a magic that can happen when two people meet with a mutual intention for authenticity and truth. 
It is about gently peeling back the layers of assumptions and beliefs about yourself that you have accumulated over many years and allowing your true essence to shine more strongly. This process takes courage and commitment but is a hugely rewarding journey to take.