Psychotherapy and Counselling Brighton.

About Mark

The potential for people to let go of separation into a more connected and heartfelt way of being is the continued inspiration for doing this work.

I am a transpersonal psychotherapist and counsellor with a passion for peoples personal development, growth & well-being. I very much look forward to meeting you if you decide to peruse this path. I will be standing with you, helping you to find the best means to help yourself.

"Mark brings a depth of wisdom, compassion, insight and care which enables people to feel safe and trusting and therefore to open themselves up to depths within themselves that they may not usually access. It is this commitment to deep, authentic inner dialogue that brings true transformation and lasting effective change." - Deborah, Life Coach.

I work mainly from the transpersonal perspective and this encompasses the spiritual dimension of who we are, seeing life as part of an unfolding journey towards being a more complete and whole human being.

I also have an interest in the Systemic perspective of Family Constellations based on my recent studies in this field, and this interest filters into my work with clients. This way of working can be brought more directly into the sessions if you want to explore this.

Psychotherapy Brighton
Training & qualifications 

I am an accredited UKCP psychotherapist and counsellor and an accredited and registered member of the BACP. I completed my training in 2006 with the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in London.

I have a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling from De Montfort University.

I have completed a foundation year in Body Psychotherapy & Somatic Awareness with the Chiron Centre and this forms an integral part of my work as I see our awareness of what is happening within our bodies as a vital part of healing and re-connection to ourselves.

As well as working with individual clients I have for many years been running groups and courses in self-awareness, mindfulness & emotional intelligence for people seeking empowerment and change and this influences the way I work, as I see our willingness to take responsibility and to let go of victim-hood as a key to true growth and therapeutic success. 


I have completed the foundation training and the advanced applied training in Family & Systemic Constellations with The Centre For Systemic Constellations (CSC) and this 'systemic perspective' has now become a central part of the way I work, incorporating it wherever appropriate. 

I have recently studied Sacred Esoteric Healing which is about understanding our capacity for self-love and self-care and gently opening to our essence at a soul level and I have found that this approach naturally permeates into my therapeutic work  helping people to drop deeply into their heart.

I adhere to the code of ethics of the governing bodies for counselling and psychotherapy in the UK and I have regular supervision to support me with my work.